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Vintage and antique rings come from a time where jewellery was an expression of the times. Though we see that in our modern jewellery, the love and intricacies found in antique jewellery are unique. Sometimes you pick up an antique piece and are imagining what the craftsman was thinking as they were creating it. These periods are an inspiration for Ojamie. The saying ‘Diamonds are forever’ is best explained when you show someone that antique diamond ring. Though on many occasions the diamonds have wear and tear, their durability has enabled them to stand the test of time. Diamonds are often associated as being a women’s best friend for a reason. They are durable and sparkle ‘forever’. Standing the test of time whilst being an inspiration for style. The combination of diamonds with intricate antique jewellery is a match made in heaven.

If you want antique diamond rings Melbourne, Ojamie is the place to find the most lovely and intricate. We have brought you a selection of fine antique diamond rings in Melbourne and among them is a rare antique pink diamond ring. It came into Ojamie’s personal collection several years ago and we have held on to it since. To explain this rarity, it wasn’t until the year 1979 when the Argyle diamond mine was discovered and yet this piece, is over 100 years old. That is the reason why it is one of our prized possessions. Even though the pink diamonds in the ring are not from the Argyle mine, knowing that around 80% of the worlds pink diamonds have come from there and pink diamonds were not not commercially demanded until the 80’s makes it amongst the most collectable antique piece. It makes the term ‘as rare as hens teeth literal’.

Ojamie’s collection caters to not only the antique jewellery lovers but also to those who want to get married and engaged. From diamond engagement rings, both antique and modern, wedding bands or to quality bangles, earrings and pendants, our collection features a number of stunning pieces that will be sure to please. Ojamie also has a range of ready-made ladies and gent’s wedding rings in Melbourne in addition to offering a service for custom made rings. We are experts in customising not only wedding rings but all types of fine jewellery. If you want custom diamond rings in Melbourne, we at Ojaimie will provide.

So Why Ojamie?

We are updated with the latest jewellery trends whilst incorporating the history in antiques into our modern jewellery. Our antique rings in Melbourne, antique pendants and earrings are part of the inspiration for our modern pieces. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality, best service and pieces that capture the imagination. We are jewellers that are both talented and work with love. With this, the boundaries are almost limitless in what we can achieve. [/show_more]

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