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Diamond, Coloured Gem and Antique Jewellery That Radiate Beauty

Diamonds are the symbol of love and affection and have been at the heart of fashion and beauty for centuries with their glittering shine being tough to ignore. They are a great possession, perfect gift for loved ones, fabulous to wear and seem to compliment any outfit.

It is imperative though to acquire your diamond jewellery from someone reputable as there are many factors that go into obtaining the perfect piece. At Ojamie we design and create some of the most beautiful diamond jewellery in Melbourne from ‘minimalist’ to ‘high end extravagant’. We are also renowned for our coloured gemstones, George’s favourite, sapphires. Ever since laying eyes on the jewellery industry, he was fascinated by them, especially those of Sri Lankan (Ceylon) origin. Something about their colour; their vibrancy almost speaks to you, it’s hard to explain, so as the saying goes, seeing is believing. I have made it my goal to supply some of the most beautiful sapphire jewellery in Melbourne and one way I do this is by personally selecting each stone that comes into my collection and making sure the complimenting piece of jewellery is created to perfection. Like all things in life, they must be done with love. Ojamie is diverse in their product range and making exquisite jewellery is one thing however over the years, George has personally sourced some of the most beautiful antiques. We are one of the few jewellery stores in Melbourne who specialise in both modern and antique jewellery. ‘Some Antique Jewellery features the kind of workmenship where you look at the piece and can almost imagine the craftsmen over 100 years ago finely creating a beautiful piece of history. It is one thing to create jewellery, it is another to be an artist’

George Ojaimi
F.G.A.A Gemmologist Lecturer at the Gemmological Association of Australia B.Bus. (Mktg) Director Jewellery Valuers Melbourne & Ojamie – Jewellery Atelier


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