What is the difference between a 100-year-old diamond ring and a diamond ring that was just made now? Nothing! In fact, a large number of people I have completed work for came with the intention of buying something from my stock and left with a remodel. Remodelling jewellery is a no brainer because you even though you might be using a diamond which is 100 years old, that diamond was originally in the ground for millions of years before that.


We try to understand who you are. What you are looking for. A big bold ring,
petit earrings or an elegant bangle? We like to spend time with you, get to know your taste
and what you want to achieve from this new piece is jewellery. After all, what is a piece
of jewellery if it is not a reflection of your personality? Our handy craftsmen begin the task.

The Process

Start by booking an appointment at Ojamie. We suggest you bring your old pieces of jewellery and we begin by gaining an understanding of what you would like to achieve. Remodelling can seem like an overwhelming task but in actual fact it is simple. We remove the insecurity of the ‘before and after’; that worrying feeling of ‘will it turn out to be the way I want’. We have proven methods that will give you an exact visualisation of the piece you are making before it is produced? How? visit the Ojamie Showroom and be prepared.

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