[show_more more=”.” less=”.”]Expression of Culture Through Antique Pendants & Why They Are Few & Far Between

Among the most difficult pieces to acquire for our collection are antique pendants. Finding the average run of the mill gold pendant is easy however those unique antique diamond pendants or coloured gemstone pendants with fine workmanship and depth of thought are few and far between, therefore attracting high demand. You just need to imagine rich cultures and heritage going into the creation of such masterpieces. Those who know and understand antique jewellery can appreciate this.

One of my favourites is what you see on the left. It is a finely crafted English antique peridot and seed pearl pendant. I personally cited thousands of pieces until this caught my eye. The intricacies and hours spent creating this would have required significant patience and you can only appreciate when you feel it in your hands. I am constantly on the hunt, being for the next antique diamond pendant or coloured gemstone piece but it is one thing to spend hours on end searching and another finding it and this is why you notice such a limited collection.

I have also been heartbroken numerous times searching for these elusive antique pendants. After finding exactly what deserves to be part of my collection, I notice there is a blob shaped grey spot. What is it? Lead solder! Years ago when laser repair did not exist, jewellers who could not apply heat to certain gemstones and seed pearls were forced to use a low heat alternative and that was lead solder. The problem with this method is it is toxic to humans and is arguably a carcinogen therefore meaning I choose to pass on taking these pieces in. You can understand why these antique pendants are so hard to acquire because not only do you need to find a work of art but you need to find a work of art that over the years has not had any unacceptable work applied to it; it survived based on care from the generations who owned it. [/show_more]

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