It started with a photo! Once or twice in our lives, we may inherit jewelry. More often than not, those pieces get put into the draw and become invisible. For others, they get sold. Little do we think to use them.  The ring above features some of the most beautiful Sri Lankan type sapphires however the client who inherited the piece felt it wasn’t her style. We brainstormed some ideas just to get herself into the frame of mind for the remodel. Even if those ideas could not be achieved using her stones. Meetings followed and we even went into discussing her personality, styles of preference, and tried to gain an understanding of what she wanted to achieve deep down. The two points that came up were: She had guilt about pulling apart her grandmother’s ring. The point that helped her move on from this was she understood her grandmother would have wanted her to do something with it as opposed to remaining untouched. The second point we discovered is she loves symmetry. Anything else would get on her nerves. She also came up with several drawings
Next Step: Create. On CAD, we constructed what we believed the ideal design was. Carefully positioning each stone to make sure nothing was out of place. Some wastage was noticed after the first draft. There was a metal that didn’t need to be there on position 3 until 9 pm. It meant there would be too much finger separation and we were using gold we didn’t need to. The solution was to graduate the thickness of the band beginning from the centre stone. This took off a few grams and fixed the issue of the finger separation.
Simultaneously, we dismantled her ring being careful not to damage any of the stones and graded them. While assessing the sapphires we noticed they were unheated: take note of the internal undisturbed angular banding in one of the sapphires above. If the stones were heated (which is a perfectly acceptable practice), you will only notice fragments of the banding.
The final CAD has been sent for print. Our master jeweler and setter worked for hand in hand to complete the statement piece. And, voilà!

Quality Jewellery Remodelling In Melbourne By Ojamie

In your drawer, there is a good chance you have pieces of jewellery you no longer wear or ones that are broken. Over the years they have added up. You have the option of selling them as scrap gold and getting far less then they deserve or remodelling them. Ojamie offers a quality jewellery remodelling service in Melbourne.

We understand that choices differ based on generation and personalities and that’s why we are here to remodel your jewellery. Whether it belongs to your grandparents or it reflects a preference that is not yours, there is a solution.

Over the years when individuals have approached me on advice about how they can get rid of their unwanted jewellery, the first reaction is don’t! The stones in those outdated mounts can be restored and turned into something gorgeous. Why buy something new when what you are restoring is probably 20 or more years old? After all, aren’t stones that come out of the ground millions of years old? All you need is a jeweller and gemmologist with an extensive expertise in both the gemstone and gold industry for them to be able to turn your unwanted jewels into something magical. For the jewellery remodelling in Melbourne, Ojamie are your experts.

Our jewellery remodelling service in Melbourne needs to be experienced to be believed. It is not just about putting gold and gemstones together, it is about fashioning a piece of art. This is a repetitive theme in my discussions but unless the jewellery is ‘involved’ from the heart in the creation, a beauty won’t be produced. Have you ever been to a restaurant and eaten a meal that was dull? Did you feel neither here not there when eating it? It is precisely that love which I am talking about and the same applies for jewellery creation. At Ojamie, our jewellery remodelling service is the best in Melbourne and better still, in Australia.

Unlike other jewellery remodelling services in Melbourne, we do not only remodel the jewellery but we also understand your needs, you preferences or to more simply put it, what you want!

We are based in Middle Park and offer our jewellery remodelling service in Melbourne and its suburbs. We would love the opportunity to create something gorgeous for you. Come for a visit and we will show you how 😊

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